Talking about Coaching

Leading questions - Are they bad? Episode 42

February 17, 2022 Yannick Jacob, Siawash Zahmat & Nicki Drab Season 1 Episode 42
Talking about Coaching
Leading questions - Are they bad? Episode 42
Show Notes

In this episodes we’re discussing leading questions, and whether they’re really a big no-no, as often taught in coach training programmes, or whether there may be some value in offering direction as a coach, or even to ask questions in a way that makes the client think they’ve come up with the solution themselves, empowering in some way, manipulative if you look at it differently. We discuss the range of leading questions, the ethics of consciously leading your clients, the weight of taking on the responsibility when we choose to lead our clients, and the importance of supervision as to avoid leading in an unconscious way. 


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