Talking about Coaching

How do I get more coaching clients?

November 07, 2019 Yannick, Siawash & Nicki Season 1 Episode 2
Talking about Coaching
How do I get more coaching clients?
Show Notes

This is probably the most asked question by coaches, certainly the one we see most often on forums, groups and when we coach other coaches who are trying to build their businesses. How do we get to help more people? How can we create conversations with prospects so that we get to work with them? How can we sign up enough clients so that we can live off of our coaching skills?

The answer is complex and there's no one right way to do this. In this episode we start the conversation by opening up some ideas on how this could be done. Rest assured this question will come back often.

Here's a helpful chapter from Yannick's book on how to get more clients. Completely free and direct download, no sign up necessary:
Hope it helps!

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