Talking about Coaching

My client sees me as the expert. How do I manage the power dynamics? Episode 40

January 20, 2022 Yannick Jacob, Siawash Zahmat & Nicki Drab Season 1 Episode 40
Talking about Coaching
My client sees me as the expert. How do I manage the power dynamics? Episode 40
Show Notes

Some coaches set themselves up as the expert in a certain area or niche. Others work very hard to meet their clients at eye level as to facilitate a process in which they can create their own expertise and take full responsibility for the way forward. And by no means is this a black-and-white issue in coaching. Sometimes the client maneuvers us into a position of expert as to avoid responsibility or simply because expert advice is what they’re after. It can be a complex dynamic to navigate. In this episode of Talking about Coaching our resident coaches Yannick and Nicki discuss the various elements at play in such a situation, the risks and benefits of being (seen as) the expert, and how we might manage such a situation when it presents itself. We also invite coaches to reflect to what extent they contribute to this process and what they can do to prevent it (if, indeed, that’s what they want). 

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